The Backbone of the Event!

The Backbone of the Event

As you enter the event you pull up to a tent with a table, chairs, folders, pens, and three smiling faces sitting in the chairs. One of those three people jumps up and greets you with a warm: “Merry Meet, and welcome to WicFest! Let me get you registered, and you can proceed to your cabin or meet in the dinning hall with some of the other attendees.” You smile and fill out the forms the person takes your forms and places them in a folder. You chose to go to the dinning hall and take a few moments to see who all is there.

You end up running into some familiar faces, and a few new ones that seem to be running around like chickens with their heads cut off. They are talking on walkie talkies, and running into the kitchen moving plates, large containers of food, and other items of food. It seems like organized madness. You hear someone yell out: “Hey Azrael, We need TP for the bathrooms where did you all hide it at?” You see a guy with dark hair and glasses smile, and say: “On the shelf in the back area of the kitchen.” He walks by you and smiles and says: “Hey how are you, I am Justin, or Azrael, whichever you wanna call me. Welcome to WicFest. I am the organizer, and if you need anything please feel free to ask, and if I can do it I will.” You talk for a short bit, and Azrael runs off to take care of something.

Throughout the rest of the event you see many different people working at the registration booth, in the kitchen, filling TP in the bathrooms, working kids, and other areas. Come to find out all of these people are volunteers or other organizers of the event. These are the people that have been working behind the curtain making sure the event runs smoothly. Azrael as he stated is the head organizer, and he has a small team of fellow organizers that run behind him to fix any of his crazy ideas that pop into his head. Those organizers or staff members are the ones that are over the different areas of the event. Then you have the teammates or volunteers that help fill in the gaps or man areas through the event so the staff and organizers don’t lose sight of their goals for the event: That everyone is safe and has fun…

Well today we are looking for both volunteers and staff members! There are many areas that we need your help in! If you think you might be interested in joining our staff or volunteering at the event we are going to cover the areas we need help in, and give you a link to sign up as a volunteer. We are also holding a meeting this month on August 20th at 6pm if you would like to check that out feel free to click here to see the FB event!

Areas we need help in

  • Registration Volunteers
  • Registration Coordinator
  • Kitchen Volunteers
  • Kitchen Coordinator
  • Kids Activities Volunteer
  • Kids Activities Coordinator
  • Entertainment Coordinator
  • Volunteer Coordinator
  • Security Volunteers
  • Security Coordinator
  • Medical Volunteers
  • Others that we may not have thought of!


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