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It has been a while since we have posted information about the planning and organization of WicFest 2017. So I felt it was important to get some information out there about something new we are adding. But first let me get into a little backstory as to why this new thing is coming along.

For those who know our President he has always been the type to take on a lot and never let go of projects. Something that actually led to him stepping away from planning and organizing events. After doing five events between 2011-2014 Lord Azrael found he was extremely frustrated and needed to step away. Well with the founding of Twisted Aura’s, Inc and WicFest one thing Lord Azrael promised himself and loved ones is that he would find some way to maintain his sanity as much as possible. (If you know Lord Darkraven that is very little sanity to be honest.) So here is his new project. Managers!

Starting this week until April 14, 2017 we will be opening up applications for Managers for various departments within the ranks of the staff of WicFest and Twisted Aura’s, Inc. These positions will be considered committee chairs under the direct supervision of the Board of Directors of Twisted Aura’s, Inc. These positions will allow us to have a staff that will run the event and various areas without micromanaging the event. So let us tell you what we are looking for:

  • Dedicated – You must be willing and able to attend any meetings to be held prior to the event. You must also be able to be in attendance at the actual event.
  • Organized – You must be able to maintain an organized method to your madness. We don’t have to be able to understand it, but you must be able to lead in an organized method.
  • Friendly – As a staff member you must be able to be friendly. Staff members will be considered the face of Twisted Aura’s and WicFest. Any negativity caused by a staff member will not be tolerated
  • Safe – You as a staff member must be safe and reasonable. This may also mean you will need to pass a background check dependent on what position you apply for.
  • Team Player – Just because you have your own department does not mean you will not have to work with other managers or staff members. You may have to work together in order to ensure everyone succeeds.
  • Over 18 – You must be over the age of 18 in order to apply for any position on the staff.
  • Willing to volunteer – Here comes the one thing that will make this rewarding! These positions are strictly volunteer.

So what positions are we in need of? Here they are:

  • Registration Manager – This manager will be responsible for ensuring all attendees are properly registered at the gate. They will also be responsible for asking attendees to register as volunteers at the event.
  • Site Manager – This manager will work with all other managers to ensure the event site is properly maintained. During the event this manager will directly report to the Event Manager/Director Lord Azrael Darkraven.
  • Kids  and Teens Manager – WILL NEED A BACKGROUND CHECK – This manager will be responsible for planning and organizing different activities for the kids and teens at the event. Due to this you will be required to pass a background check for the safety of the attendees.
  • Class Manager – This manager will ensure all classes stay as close to scheduled times. They will also be responsible for making sure instructors have any needs such as water, and other items.
  • Vendor Manager – Will maintain records of vendors at the event, and will be responsible for collecting any donations for the event raffle to be held at the event.
  • Security Manager – WILL NEED A BACKGROUND CHECK – You will be responsible for ensuring all attendees and vendors are safe during the event.

Please note that these are only brief descriptions. Detailed ones will be given during interviews. Please note that each manager will need to get their own volunteers to assist them.

If you would be interested in applying to be a manager please click the link below to be taken to the application!

Click here for the application!

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    • WicFest Of Chattanooga says:

      Hi Carol!
      I will be making the event dates more prominent. Time to do some more graphic designing. We are holding a meeting next month on April 8th at 5pm cst. If you follow us on Facebook that is a great way to see all the information.

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