Rowena of the Glen

Dark, moody, witchy, ROCK with overtones of voodoo, jazz and world music… bitter-sweet songs — powerful melodies and sultry vocal performances over a muscular rhythm section and tribal drumming all set soaring by spectacular GOTHIC guitars. Her lifelong love of music and of singing lead her to embark upon the path of a singer and writer of songs.  She was trained for the opera, which then lead to singing jazz, pop, R&B rock and to the obvious outlet as a writer of songs.

“Arising from the mists of the Dragonstone Sanctuary comes this musical offering by its High Priestess, Rowena of the Glen. Rowena sends forth her cauldron of magical, mystical and dark elements and weaves a spell that is haunting and unforgettable.


Those who know her personally know these songs to be a reflection of the spiritual depth of this priestess of the craft. There is no other like her in this earthly realm.

Her offerings raise a tempest of emotions ranging from the gentle remembrance of Mother Earth’s eternal love, to the angry rage of womankind at being spiritually suppressed  and then redeemed by the power of magic. You can see more of Rowena on her site here

Mama Gina, fearless bard and her alter ego Nine Toes the Bard, travel the country, strumming 12 string acoustic, tapping frame drum and djembe, singing truth with a side of blues, and sharing the mysteries that the Gods, Goddesses and other extraordinary souls whisper in her ear.

With four – count ’em 1, 2, 3, 4 – CDs under her belt, she’s really listening to those Gods and Goddesses, and receiving airplay on music podcasts and radio within and beyond the Pagan realm, including, International Pagan Radio, Ravengrove Radio, Wyldwood Radio, Murphys Magic Mess on KZUM.org in Lincoln, Nebraska, the Ragin Pagans Pagan Sunrise and Jerry Wallers Biscuits, Bacon n BLUES, both on WKRP in Orlando, Florida, and Bree Nobles Women of Substance Radio in California, where she won the distinction of having her song “Weed” place in the top 20 playlist for all of 2015.

Mama Gina will be sharing songs from her previous endeavors, as well as highlighting some new, zany songs from her upcoming “Nine Toes the Bard” CD – due out Spring 2017. Every single Mama Gina performance is a celebration of the Bard and you are encouraged to bring shakes, rattles and drums, and your wide open heart!