Classes and Workshop, Oh my!


Classes and Workshops, OH MY!

We are off to see the teacher! That’s right ladies and gents we are looking for those with the talent and knack for teaching workshops and classes at WicFest! We know this is early in the game, but there is a reason for the early start. By starting early our hope is that we will be able to find some of the funnest classes and workshops. So you may want to know what we are looking for! Well let me pull out my list of what we seek! *Scratches head, and looks for his notebook.*
Ah, well there it is… Okay, so here’s the deal ladies and gents let me discuss our theme for the event first. Our theme for this year, well maybe more our motto, is Many paths in one direction. So pretty much we are open to the many paths of Paganism that seek that one common direction in life. Also meaning that we understand that not everyone does everything the same way, and accept that in that difference we are still heading for the same direction. I hope I haven’t lost you with that description, but I am only on my second cup of Doctor Pepper so I ask that you be understanding, hehehe…
So with that theme broken down I need to discuss the difference between what a class is and a workshop is. And yes for some of you more seasoned event goers it may seem redundant, but there may be some newer people who don’t know or some that really never have thought about the difference, and well to be honest we love to teach around here.
Classes = Mainly discussion, no real student participation other than discussion, no fee at all to partake
Workshops = These are the fun ones where student participation is there outside of discussion, nine times out of 10 students get to make things and take them home, can be no fees or there may be a small fee to cover the cost of materials.
So let me say yes to the following: We will accept two of the same classes as long as they are taught by two different people. Why? Well like I said earlier many paths one direction. We feel that everyone teaches and learns in different methods so it is quite possible that we may have a few of the same classes, but taught differently. With that said don’t expect all of the classes to be Tarot 101, Wicca 101 or all the workshops to be making your own besom. If we see a lot of the same courses we more than likely will ask someone to change their class to something else.
We want these to be fun and also educational… Please, please, please, understand we want you to take the class you offer seriously, but also have fun with it! Make sure when you send in your course description to have fun with it, as we will be putting what you type up on the website, and also in the event program when it is printed. Oh and your bio have fun with that too, because you guessed it, it will be on our website as well!
Let me talk a little bit about workshops and those who need to charge fees. Okay here is the nitty gritty on fees, we ask that you keep them reasonable. Attendees are paying $50, if they register early, already for attendance at the event. So we are asking that instructors keep their fees low, but that is just a request. Don’t get me wrong if we notice you are requesting $75 for a workshop fee we will message you to find out what the fee covers. Also the class submission form will ask if you would like us to collect your fees for you or if you would like to collect your fee online!
SO, you may be asking what you are going to get if you teach a class! Well here is the good part. If you are going to offer a class we will be giving you a 25% discount off your admissions fee! And if you have an assistant we will give them 10% discount on their admissions fee.
We hope you might consider offering a class at WicFest this year! Feel free to send any questions to!

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