Confirmed Classes


Besom Creation Workshop

Taught By: Azrael Darkraven

Workshop Fee: $20, payable upfront or at the gate for $25

Workshop size limit: 20 Students


In this workshop you will be able to create your own besom for cleansing and consecration of your sacred place. Provided in this workshop will be the handle, cord, and bristles. We will provide some additional items to decorate the besom with as well.  If you have any special items you would like to add to the besom please feel free to bring them to the workshop. This workshop is recommended for ages 12 and up. There will be a fee of $20 to cover the cost of materials, and is payable upfront by enrolling in the workshop at registration.  The expectation is that this workshop will last between 1 to 1.5 hours. Seating for this workshop is limited to 20 students.

Mama Gina’s Kaballah, Qabala, Cabalah Soup

Taught By: Mama Gina


Please bring a notebook, a comfy pen, and check your dogma at the door. Be ready for a llittle levity as we pursue a basic understanding of the Kaballah and the cosmic filing cabinet that is the Tree of Life.

Spells and all that Jazz

Taught By: Trish Owen of PUF


Tish has been writing spells for more than 20 years so she a thing or two about the subject. She will walk you through different kinds of spells from Voo-doo dolls to candle magick.

The Praying Witch

Taught By: Trish Owen of PUF


For some many Pagans we forgot or don’t think about incorporating prayer and ritual into our daily lives. Why not? What will it gain us? Find out as we discuss the prayers, rituals and ceremonies that can be done on the fly so to speak.

How to behave in circle!

Taught By: Lord Azrael Darkraven of Twisted Aura’s, Inc

We have all seen it or all had it happen, and it all makes our cauldron boil over. This class/workshop will include open discussion time about what to do and what not to do during ritual time. Ranging from the proper manner to enter circle, how to leave the circle, what to touch, and what not to touch.

How to write your own Rituals!

Taught By: Lord Azrael Darkraven of Twisted Aura’s, Inc

Everyone does it! Right? Well maybe! In this course we will discuss methods and things to consider when writing your own rituals for events and major celebrations. In this course you will learn about the who, what, where, when, and even why of Ritual Design. This course was originally written for an online Academy by Lord Azrael and has been shortened down to allow for your learning pleasure!


Taught By: Ernest Nichols


What is Asatru? Is it not just Norse Paganism? Where did Thor get his blonde hair from? We will separate fact from Marvel & get to the roots of a belief that is more of a way of life than a religion. We will also discuss how the Stories of the Norse Gods parallel with other cultures.

Ghost Hunting for Beginners

Taught By: Ernest Nichols


We will discuss the practical tools. How to record evidence & what evidence to disregard. From Orbs, to sun flares to evp’s. We will also teach you how to develop your gift should you have one.


Taught By: Lady Suncrow of Magick Happens


Have you ever wanted to shape-shift? Be an animal? Travel to the “Otherworlds”? Well, now you are going to get your chance!!
SunCrow will be leading a workshop to teach you to do just that! We will learn to “be the creature” then learn to do a shamanic journey into the first level of the lower world (otherworld) to find your personal power animal.
You will learn what the trance drumbeat is like and ride it’s rhythm into a trance state to become the creature(s) then after that you will learn how to safely navigate the first level of the lower world where your power animal resides.
This class is open to adults age 18 and older. Children often have fantastic imaginations and if they are 10 and up may attend the “be the Creature” portion of the workshop.
After that it becomes more serious and adults only are allowed to attend.
Here’s what you bring:
1. a bottle of water
2. a pillow and blanket that can go onto the ground or dirty surface
3. a journal or notebook and pen for recording your experience while it is fresh
Here is a picture of SunCrow in Sedona at one of the main vortex’s. Note the crooked Juniper. They are only crooked in a vortex.

Protecting House and Home

Taught By: Peggy Thompson of Sages Muse
Protecting your Home and Family is a familiar theme throughout time,  in this class, we’ll look at the various ways different faiths protect their homes, from Christianity to Judaism and beyond we’ll see a variety of similarities in the ways people protect themselves and their families from things that “go bump in the night”.

Home Blessing Lanterns

Taught By Peggy Thompson of Sages Muse

$15 materials cost.
In this workshop, we’ll make Blessing Lanterns to hang at the entrances to our homes, to protect those who dwell within.

Manifest Much? A “How To” workshop

Taught By: Genevieve Joyner

Materials Cost: $10
In this workshop we will discover what’s missing from your manifestation efforts. No matter what path you follow, we can all agree that humans have the power to sway their own circumstances; we call it different things- prayers, spells, or positive thinking. This workshop will flush out the commonality between all of us to make things happen. We will explore practices you can use immediately for maximum results. You’ll also get a creativity kit that includes a journal and all the supplies you’ll need to make your “manifestation manifesto”.


Finding your inner Dieties

Taught By: Tabby Overbay

A class truly for wiccans of all ages, but geared towards young adults. This is by no means an instant answer to choosing your dieties, but it will start you on the journey. This class will give you information on dieties from 3 different pantheons: Greek, Egyptian and Norse. There will be tips given on starting your journey as well as suggested reading materials. SO, come discover your inner dieties.

Wish Bracelets
Taught By: Tabby Overbay

Materials cost: $2
A fun craft for kids and adults alike. A wish bracelet is something you make for yourself and then you can either wear it or place it on your altar. You weave a wish for yourself into the bracelet. And with all that positive energy sent out into the universe and into the bracelet the positivity comes back to you.